Bio-One Can Help Protect Your Horses

Clostridium difficile or C-diff is something you never want to be infected with and it could be even worse if you’re a stable owner!  It’s the last thing you want your horses, or other livestock, to be infected with as this species of bacteria can wreak havoc on your animal’s health in a very short amount of time.  It can cause one or all of the animals to become infected and very ill.  Infected horses get colitis and diarrhea both of which left untreated can be life threatening especially in foals.  So, what do you do if this happens at your facility?  How do you rid this bacteria from your barns?  That’s the easy part.  You call in your veterinarian to treat your animals and call Bio-One, The Germ Squad, to disinfect your barn of this nasty pathogen.

Recently, we received a call from a man who spotted one of our vans on the highway.  Our van is lettered with our logo and reads “Bio-One Kill Germs and “”.  He immediately called us and explained that they owned a small horse farm with 20 horses.  One of the horses was very ill with diarrhea and the vet diagnosed the animal with C-Diff.  He went into detail about the horrific diarrhea that the horses were having and the terrible battle they were having trying to treat the horses while at the same time trying to keep the C-diff from spreading to the other animals.

Keeping the barns clean after the infected animals were having diarrhea in the stalls was naturally one of their biggest concerns as they realized there were areas that they knew they couldn’t reach.  This was becoming a difficult and frustrating task for them, especially with 20 horses.  All it can take for a horse to become infected is it rub its nose on a surface the has been in contact with an infected horse.  They were following all the correct procedures to try and prevent the whole barn from being contaminated but because of the nature of these animals, foals soon to be born, and the many porous surfaces in the barn they were looking to for something more.  That’s where Bio-One, The Germ Squad comes into play.

We customized a specialized plan of disinfection tailored to their barn.  The use of our state of the art equipment allowed us to safely disinfect the entire barn in only a few hours.  The process is not only easy and non-toxic but destroys bacteria on a molecular level.  We accomplish this by utilizing our proprietary electrostatic sprayers.  The beauty of this method has many benefits.  One, as mentioned, it destroys bacteria and viruses at a molecular level on contact.  This allows us to cover every inch of the barn and disinfect all the tack and any other equipment.

Secondly, everything we use is nontoxic and safe for people, animals, and the equipment. Lastly, and arguably most important, we were able to apply an antimicrobial coating that will continue to protect against any germs on contact for up to 90 days!  It is invisible and can’t be removed by standard cleaning protocols.   Our customers are very pleased with the results and now have peace of mind that their barns are now in a healthy state.  They were also happy to find out that the program we used not only kills 99.999% of germs and viruses but also helped to eliminate some foul odors from the horses that were ill.  We love helping people and their animals to stay healthy.  For more information on our customized programs of disinfection and antimicrobial protection or other services such as mold remediation, go to our website at

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