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While many of the causes of illness and mortality among the equine population do not find their cause in housekeeping and environmental conditions (Colic, DJD and Equine Arthritis), too many other causes of pain, discomfort, performance and even death can be a direct result of the surfaces and soils in which they live, eat, and perform. Among these can be listed Laminitis, Encephalomyelitis, West Nile Virus, Potomac Horse Virus and Botulism.

This is exactly why Bio One exists, to provide people, pets and performance and productive livestock the very safest environments for all of their daily activities. We take your pre-cleaned facilities to an entirely new level of cleanliness and sanitation. Employing the very best, simplest and safest of disinfection technologies, coupled with enduring Antimicrobial Coating technology, we make certain that you and your inhabitants are provided round-the-clock protection from bacteria, mold, viruses and even many parasites and protozoan.

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We take your pre-cleaned trailer, and go a step further using Synergy BioClean Plus, a deep cleaning concentrate made with ingredients found in many feeds and supplements, but able to remove embedded organic soils that other cleaners just can’t touch. This product is foamed on, scrubbed in and rinsed away, along with the food source for bacteria and other animal pathogenic microbes.


Dispatching 99.99% of any remaining microbes begins with an application of Biotab7, a tablet that quickly and effectively creates Chlorine Dioxide, what the World Health Organization (WHO) declared to be the “very best disinfectant available”. Chlorine Dioxide, while being safe at up to 500ppm for humans and animals, kills most animal pathogens at 200ppm or less; and best of all, no pathogen has ever been discovered to be capable of creating a resistance to its power.


We apply a protective coating that inhibits the capacity of bacteria and other microbes from being able to land, reside and replicated on the treated surfaces. Again, this process is completely safe for your horses and other livestock, by being highly effective at controlling bacteria growth. This coating will last for up to a year! Watch video >> click here.

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