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Pet Odor Removal Services for The Hudson Valley & SW New England


Pet odors can be the result of puppy training, with the occasional urine accident, from the cat that sprays to mark its territory, or just an abundance of pet dander in the air. Regardless of the source of the pet odor, there are times in which it becomes necessary to call in a professional pet odor removal service for your Southeast NY home.

Or perhaps you are a property manager that needs to have the smell of a previous tenant’s pet removed in order to rent out an apartment. We can generally be at your location in the Hudson Valley or surrounding area within 24-48 hours. We guarantee to eliminate all trace of the odor of pets or pet dander!

Smoke Odor Removal Services for The Hudson Valley & NW New Jersey


Removing the odor from past smokers can be among the most difficult of tasks for some contractors, but not for an OdorPros affiliate in your part of the Hudson Valley! We have a proprietary method of removing the soot, tar and nicotine from walls, trim and fixtures, which is followed by a whole-space vapor removal system. In the Hudson Valley? then you are in OdorPros territory!

Our team will wash all surfaces with our specialized cleaning and deodorizing compound, and then cleanse the air of all trace of the odors of tobacco or cannabis smoke. Once we have removed the smoke odors from the walls and air, we can then tackle the floors and carpeting , leaving your space smelling fresh and clean!

Mold Stain & Odor Removal Services in Hudson Valley & SW New England


When natural disasters happen, when excessive water enters a home, or just when houses are emptied of furniture and other belongings – mold stains and odors can become apparent. Proper removal of the stains of mold and mildew entails the deep destruction of the root system and spores that provides the fungus with an anchoring system.

Keith Capolino, your OdorPros affiliate in the lower Hudson Valley has been fully trained and certified in the removal of stains and odor associated with mold and mildew – he knows how to rid any space of all traces of that moldy, mildewy smell that is turning away guests or prospective homebuyers. Call today to get a quote!

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Recently, one of our forward-thinking associates commissioned a nationally recognized lab to put a well-known theory to the test - Are our methods efficacious in denaturing airborne allergens.

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FIVE of the most common airborne allergens, at levels which would be considered 'High Risk" were added to a phosphate buffered saline [PBS] solution. In other words, there was sufficient allergens from each of the five categories to trigger a severe allergic reaction.

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After establishing that the ClO2 solution did not interfere with the test method, five vials were prepared, each containing 0.5ml of each of the allergens and 0.5ml of the aqueous ClO2 solution. The results were astounding:

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