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Oil Tank Cleaning and Sludge Removal

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Marine

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Standby Generator Tanks

  • Above and Below Ground


Have Sludge? Bio-One Can Help!

Most oil storage tanks contain sludge. It can form naturally or can be included with your latest oil delivery. It can cause multiple problems, including:

  • Clogged Nozzles.

  • Breakdowns Resulting in Loss of Heat, Corrosion of Your Tank.

  • Always Happens At Night and On Weekends and Holidays $$$.


The required service calls can be quite costly. Many times it is recommended that tank replacement is the only option…at a cost of $2,000.00 or more!

There Is An Alternative! Bio-One can remove the sludge from your tank, without harming it and filter the remaining oil to ensure trouble free operation and maximum efficiency.

  • We take the sludge with us! You don’t need to worry about its disposal!

  • Very Cost Effective!


The cost for sludge removal in a standard 275 gallon residential tank is just $299.00! (NY Metro area only, other areas, sizes extra)
An oil tank cleaning New York can be awful. For residents in Albany, oil tank cleaning and sludge removal can be tragic for the area. It is important to have a company who is efficient at oil tank cleaning and sludge removal New York to ensure rapid cleanup for sludge removal and every one effected. In New Jersey, Bio One offers services for oil tank cleaning and sludge removal for commercial buildings as well. New Jersey oil tank cleaning and sludge removal from Bio One is offered for marines as well.


Don’t Wait Until Your Filter Is Clogged…It’s Too Late! Call Bio-One Today! 845-657-8958


For a more detailed description of our disinfection services, please contact us at: 845-657-8958 or email: diegermsdie@gmail.com