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Throughout history there has always been a need for special services for people of a certain station.  The Roman Praetorian Guard was the standard of personal protection for the Emperors and Statesmen that was inevitably used as the model.  The protection provided by the Guard was for the time, the pinnacle of professionalism and expertise.

This was the inspiration for Bio-One’s PRAETORIAN PROGRAM.

In todays ever changing germ and virus infested environment, we realized the need for special disinfection and protection services for people with exacting cleanliness requirements.  Those with the means do not wish to be exposed to harmful pathogens that could have serious health ramifications.

Additionally, our customers are extremely busy and wish to minimize their downtime due to colds, the flu and viruses.  Meetings, photo shoots, awards ceremonies, etc. won’t wait…they need to be there and be in top form!

Using our proprietary “state of the art” delivery system and products, we can:

  • Disinfect your home, office, gym, car, boat, plane, vacation home, etc., killing 99.99% of germs, viruses, mold and their organic odors.

  • Apply an antimicrobial that will continue to protect you from these same germs, viruses and mold for 90 days from the day of initial application!

If you are part of our PRAETORIAN PROGRAM, we will:

  • Dispatch a team directly to your site or sites on your determined schedule.

  • Follow the cleaning crew to provide proper disinfection protocols for your safety.

  • Apply the antimicrobial for your continued protection.

  • Operate with total discretion guaranteeing your privacy as well as your protection.

  • Offer the best possible personal service to ensure your satisfaction.

If you:

  • Need your home, summer home, 2nd home disinfected and protected…

  • Are renting a vacation home, chartering a yacht, jet or a TOUR BUS…

  • Have a home gym, children’s play area, horse stables or multiple vehicles…

  • Wonder what germs, or viruses visitors or staff may be introducing into your environment…


Due to the fact that privacy is our #1 concern and our clientele exclusive, this part of our site requires an application and a password. The form to request a password will be available shortly please check back.

For a more detailed description of our disinfection services, please contact us at: 845-464-7632 or email:

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