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At Bio-One, we specialize in providing professional biohazard cleanup services in Athens and throughout New York. Our highly trained team of technicians is experienced in handling a wide range of biohazard situations, including blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. With compassion, discretion, and efficiency, we restore affected areas to safe and habitable conditions.

We are experts in biohazard cleanup! For a more detailed description of our biohazard services in Athens please contact us at 845-464-7632 or click the button below:

biohazard cleanup services


Bio One provides a wide range of biohazard cleanup in Athens. Below are just some of the services available in the area:


Bio One understands the sensitive nature of blood cleanup situations and the importance of swift and thorough remediation. Our certified technicians employ industry-approved protocols and advanced cleaning techniques to safely remove and dispose of blood and other bodily fluids. We disinfect and deodorize affected areas, ensuring the elimination of any potential biohazards.


Dealing with the aftermath of a suicide is emotionally challenging, and the cleanup process can be overwhelming. Our compassionate team at Bio One is here to assist you during this difficult time. We provide discreet and thorough suicide cleanup services, working diligently to remove all traces of biohazards while respecting your privacy. Our goal is to restore the affected space with compassion and sensitivity.


In the aftermath of a crime, the scene may be contaminated with biological materials and other hazardous substances. Bio One is equipped to handle crime scene cleanup, ensuring the proper removal, disinfection, and disposal of all biohazards. Our team works in close coordination with law enforcement agencies and adheres to strict protocols to restore the area to a safe and clean condition.


The discovery of an unattended death can be overwhelming and emotionally distressing. Bio-One provides compassionate and efficient unattended death cleanup services to alleviate the burden of loved ones. Our team takes immediate action to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the affected area, ensuring the removal of all biohazards. We approach each case with respect and empathy, working discreetly and professionally to restore the space.


Certified & Experienced: Our technicians are certified and trained in biohazard cleanup, following industry guidelines and protocols. Compassionate & Discreet: We understand the sensitivity of these situations and handle them with empathy, respect, and utmost confidentiality. Rapid Response: We provide 24/7 emergency services, ensuring prompt response and swift remediation to minimize further damage or contamination. Advanced Equipment & Techniques: Bio-One utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and effective cleaning agents to ensure thorough biohazard removal and disinfection. Comprehensive Solutions: From blood cleanup to crime scene cleanup, we offer a full range of biohazard cleanup services, addressing various situations under one roof.

Don't wait too long when it comes to biohazard cleanup. For a more detailed description of our biohazard cleanup services, please contact us at 845-464-7632 or click the button below:


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