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Church, Gym and Club Disinfection Services, including Fitness Centers, Country Clubs, Community Centers, Art Galleries | Superbugs

Bio-One, Inc. has a team of specialists that specialize in the Disinfection of Superbugs. This service can be performed in your Church, Gym or Club!

Superbugs, strains of bacteria which are resistant to various types of antibiotics, are not only found in medical facilities. The spread of superbugs, such strains as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Salmonella, Gonorrhea Chlamydia, C-Diff (Clostridium difficile), Escherichia and Tuberculosis, is on the rise and are found in many offices, gymnasiums, schools, cruise ships, airplanes, public facilities and beyond. While illnesses like Ebola is contracted by having direct contact with the carrier, superbugs such as C-Diff & MRSA can be contracted by having contact with contaminated surfaces. This means they can easily be brought into your church or gym!

Old ways of thoroughly disinfecting a church, gymnasium or club involved physically spraying and wiping down every surface and object in the facility! This tedious process could take numerous hours or even days! Needless to say, this is a very expensive way of doing the job. But today, technology utilized by Bio-One allows your church or gym to be disinfected in a fraction of the time, while attaining 100% coverage (all of the nooks and crannies), and continues to protect your facility for up to a year! Watch video >> click here.


Please take a few minutes and watch the videos on our Disinfection Services page…you’ll be glad that you did:

Pretty amazing, huh?  Think of what you could save on employee sick time!


Bio-One’s team is not only highly trained to disinfect and eradicate superbugs, but also many other communicable diseases as well. Our staff will bring a healthy environment back to any contaminated space, while wearing state of the art personal protective equipment and by incorporating techniques that are most cutting edge.


For a more detailed description of our disinfection services, please contact us at: 845-464-7632 or email:

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